Controversy: Complica(ting/tion) Thoughts 

This is a controversial blog post. I know people may disagree with me on this topic or even change their thoughts about me, but that’s okay. I’ve always blogged my own honest thoughts so that is what this post is. 



Kidney failure. (Nephropathy?)

All these long, complicated words are thrown around a lot in the world of T1. Some people don’t even know what those words mean (they’re basically a foreign language (I want to say Latin….?) so I don’t blame them!) but others are experts on them and the issues associated with them. Some people may have a diagnosis of one or maybe they’ve been warned their A1c is risky so these long and complex words could become reality sooner than they realise. 

Me? My knowledge of them is basic. I know what the words mean and the body part the issue occurs in – that’s about it. I don’t know how you live with the conditions or the symptoms. I also don’t know all the in depth information or science behind them. Complications are a very real problem for lots of diabetics, but until they’re right on my doorstep they don’t seem to be a concern to me.  Is that wrong? I don’t know. 

Yes, these conditions may be hanging over all of our heads as a little threat of what could be to come if we’re not up to scratch with our T1 management but that doesn’t mean I want to read up on all the horror stories you hear (let’s be honest, who’s ever been told a story with a happy ending which involves the complications of diabetes!) Yes, that may seem ignorant. Yes, you might think I’m crazy for not wanting to be prepared or prevent them even more effectively by knowing what they are and what their early warning signs are, but the honest truth is this: I have no interest in knowing about potential complications. I don’t think I’ll get complications. Why would it be me? So who would want to live life with something like retinopathy on your mind because you may or may not get it in the future? I know I don’t want to.  I am not worried about developing ezcema (big in my family) or asthma (also a favourite in my family) or insert any medical condition there, on the off chance I may or may not get it either. 

I don’t see older diabetics (or younger!) with complications and think “That could be me, I’d better avoid that!”. In fact it doesn’t even enter my head. I don’t see complications as warning signs because treatment and equipment available when many of those with complications were diagnosed was likely very different. Plus, those with more recently accumulated complications can be due to a dozen reasons and not necessarily diabetes and I don’t live a replication of their life so in theory I won’t be like them. Right now I’m quite fit and healthy so what are the odds of me having complications compared to thousands of others with diabetes, especially as my control is ok for now.  

You may read all this and think me an idiot with my head firmly in the sand. You may also read this and want to educate me on neuropathy, retinopathy and nephropathy but I’m telling you the honest truth. I don’t know much about these conditions because I’m not expecting to be diagnosed, ever. I know there’s a chance, but I don’t live thinking about that chance 24/7 and I’m happy with that. I don’t need to know the ins and outs of things I don’t plan on needing to know. 

Please feel free to question me on this, I know it’s controversial and you may have completely different opinions to me but this is just an honest account from a 17 year old. Like, comment and share to get in touch with me or discuss it with others!

Also a disclaimer – I know there are other complications possible but I chose to name the three most talked about (that I hear most often).  

Another disclaimer (because I can) : pregnancy is a whole other issue in terms of complications etc and I do think about this but that topic is a whole different blog post. Nothing I’ve written here applies to may feelings on pregnancy!

Final disclaimer: This is in no way meant to offend anyone with complications, if I have I sincerely apologise. That is not my intention, these are merely my thoughts on how I deal with diabetes and who knows what will happen in the future. 


3 thoughts on “Controversy: Complica(ting/tion) Thoughts 

  1. Since I grew up with these things, so I have never misunderstood the significance of what might occur with long term complications. I have for years worried about complications and frankly, I am mostly over it. Instead of waiting for the day they occur, I am far better now to figure out how to avoid them. Age is an important modifier in how we think about things.


    • That’s an interesting take on it! I’m definitely the same though in as much as I prefer knowing how to manage myself and avoid them than worry about constantly.


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