Appreciating 2017: Diabetic Style


A brand new year. 

It’s the time everyone starts spouting “new year, new me!” and they take the opportunity of writing 2017 at the end of the date instead of 2016 to turn over a new leaf. Make better decisions in their lives. Maybe change their lancet more or record all their readings in a logbook to spot patterns and so lower their A1c. Right? I bet you’ve probably got a couple of new year’s resolutions yourself, because I know I certainly have. (Don’t worry I won’t bore you with them!)

But what does the new year truly mean? So we’ve managed another trip around the sun, what’s the big deal? A friend of mine recently pointed out that actually it’s just another day. You go to sleep the evening of December 31st and wake up January 1st. No big change happens overnight. Because after all, humans invented the concept of time! But I won’t go into that whole debarcle, I’d be rambling on for hours if I did. 

So what is the new year? Changing a number, making a resolution or reflecting on the past year? It’s your choice. 

The thing that actually prompted this post wasn’t in fact the new year but a film. The fault in our Stars to be exact. It’s a heart breaking story, but somehow every time I watch it it makes me smile (and cry, but I spend more time smiling). Every time I watch that film, I feel so incredibly lucky because I’m okay. (This is in no way intended to be disrespectful or hurtful to anyone living with cancer or any diabetics that are struggling right now). 

It may be a long term condition but I can live with it for a long, long time. 

It is invisible. 

I can physically do pretty much anything at anytime. 

I control my own medication an I can be independent with that. 

It’s not really that many trips to hospital in the grand scheme of things. 

The needles could be so much worse and more often. 

Type 1 diabetes is totally doable. Which is something I’m reminded of when I see this film. 

So Hazel and Augustus really inspire me and motivate me with T1 even though the film is about cancer. Funny isn’t it? They are so, so strong and show everyone what it means to fight which is so inspirational to me to do my own type of fighting. Every time I see this movie I am reminded how lucky I truly am to have made it to 2017 healthy and in one piece (if you don’t include my pancreas I suppose…) and reminds me that it is worth fighting and staying on top of things whatever your battle is and that you should never, ever just wait for the hypothetical storm to pass but you should dance in the rain. They teach me that every single time I watch The Fault in Our Stars. 

I did struggle in 2016 with T1, after all there was a lot going on to contend with. I’m sure I will struggle again. But I also made it through all of that. So, this is a happy new year post but it is also a well done post. To myself, to everyone living with T1 and their families. We all coped another year and we’re okay. 

(I know this was a cheesy and cliche post, but I can’t help it! It’s what I truly think!)


One thought on “Appreciating 2017: Diabetic Style

  1. We all tend to struggle some years. Heck at one point I struggled for 12 years. Ok to be fair, I didn’t care for 12 years struggle. care here in Indiana it is about the same thing. I hope 2017 will be amazing for you in all ways. Onward and upward.

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