Starbucks’ #RedCupCheer!

“What the hell is #RedCupCheer?” is what you’re probably thinking right now. 

Starbucks UK has given the Children’s Hyperinsulinism Charity, @CHCharity on twitter, the amazing opportunity to win a £1000 donation!  Our job is to simply drink a shed load of coffee or hot chocolate in their trademark red cups with @CHCharity #RedCupCheer written on the side!

I was born with Congenital Hyperinsulinism, so my pancreas was continuously giving out insulin so that at 20 hours old (after a day of seizures) my first ever blood sugar reading was 0.3mmol/l. I had my pancreas taken out as my strain of CHI was untreatable with medication, resulting in my being diagnosed with diabetes a week later. 

The donation means everything to the charity, because the money may go to research into better medications with less side effects and preventing the babies from going through major surgery and becoming diabetic. It could also go towards connecting families and bringing them together because nothing is better than meeting people in situations just like yours.  

So join us and make us louder with #RedCupCheer for @CHCharity – retweeting any tweet containing both of these will help us! Or maybe you could even head into your local Starbucks (not forgetting a sharpie to write our twitter handle on the side) and grab yourself your own red cup and tell us about it on twitter with #RedCupCheer. Even searching @Jess_Burton3 / @AtoniB / @CHCharity to go and have a scroll and retweeting my trip to Starbucks this morning will help us! Please feel free to help us in any way you can. 

I have a feeling that by the time this finishes on Christmas Eve, I will  know my way round Starbucks’ menu incredibly well!

⬆️Me in Great Ormond Street hospital before I had my Pancras out – so many babies with CHI have photos just like this one. 


2 thoughts on “Starbucks’ #RedCupCheer!

  1. My nephew was diagnosed with this after he was born. Thank you to gosh that he’s had the operation and had it removed from his pancreas as it was on the outside.. and now he’s nearly 5 months old and fighting fit… but his lil pal in the same time wasn’t so lucky.. I whole heartedly support this charity


    • Oh that’s wonderful to hear that your nephew is okay. Thank you for supporting the charity, it is hoping to bring families together in the near future so keep an eye on the website!


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