Little Miss Chatterbox: Talking about T1D too Much?

Do I talk about my diabetes too much? Do I think about how much I talk about my diabetes too much?

Monitoring blood sugars and treating accordingly are both necessities – things people see me do constantly. But actively choosing to mention it is a very different thing. I’m not sure people in my life actually realise how self conscious about talking about medical things I actually am, considering how much time I spend talking about them! 

Some examples:

– When you have a 24 hour condition that has hundreds of variables to consider and so many aspects to managing the condition there will be triggers in conversations that bring diabetes to the forefront of your mind. 

– When people are talking about their own medical experiences, you have plenty to share. 

– Daily activities like revision and exercise cause me to wonder what it will do to my bloods and how I can prevent that. 

I’m a naturally chatty person so end up musing all of these things out loud – resulting in the mention of T1 being a rather frequent occurrence. I think about that a lot though because I could be boring people, I could come across as needy and attention-seeking or worst of all I could appear like my only personality trait is my medical conditions… I’m sure you get the gist. 

I’m still in a very new environment with my sixth form in which I haven’t had any problems with blood sugars yet, just the usual day to day care so my jabbering on about it is a worry to me. let’s face it, when somebody meets you and then suddenly is around you for 10 hours a day, you talking incessantly about all your medical things affecting bits of your life as well as all the care – not a good impression. Not somebody you want to bother being friends with really. 

But I have noticed something interesting. Over 50% of my chattering about T1 is prompted by questions (and about my other issues) which I hadn’t realised until a couple of days ago. I will be testing and someone will ask a question or I make a comment relating to diabetes and someone picks up on it and asks me to elaborate. 

That gives me some comfort, as does the fact I didn’t introduce my being diabetic to anyone for at least the first week. But until I’m completely comfortable with everyone (which takes me a long time!) I will continue to be self-conscious and hate it every time I bring it up even though I just can’t help it because it’s what I naturally do!

Please feel free to like and share! And don’t forget to share your thoughts and stories in the comments. Have you ever felt like this with talking about T1?


2 thoughts on “Little Miss Chatterbox: Talking about T1D too Much?

  1. I always think is the person I am talking to really interested , or are they just tolerating me. It can be a difficult judgement call, made easier if they start yawning I get the message. I think if people ask the question then they are interested because T1D is something they have never encountered before.


  2. I always wonder if people are serious in their beliefs. Surely they know better. Ok I know they do not know better but I always wonder are you putting me on? Naw, life goes on and education never rests.

    This item has been referred to the TUDiabetes Blog page for the week of November 7, 2016


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