Hypos: The Weird and Wonderful

Hypos can have many triggers. Exercise, cold weather, hot weather, revision, nerves, stress, for me my pancreas could secrete some insulin randomly and of course there’s giving too much insulin for food amongst many other causes.

But some triggers are little weird aren’t they? A friend of mine’s diabetic brother goes hypo everytime he sets foot in H&M. Yeah, H&M the shop sends him low. How weird?! They’ve given up shopping in there!

But for me, my weirdest low-causer is getting ready to go out for dinner. The action of putting on a little make up, putting on another outfit and packing my bag makes me go hypo! And let me tell you, applying eyeliner neatly is not easy at 2.9. Plus having a low in the middle of getting ready is a major inconvenience, because it’s 15 minutes that you don’t have to spare! I set aside a little time to change and apply mascara, so getting light-headed and confused whilst you’re running around finding the other shoe, well it’s certainly not helpful.

Something else that’s incredibly weird, walking. Yes that’s logical becuase you’re using energy, it’s light exercise etc. But when jogging doesn’t send you low…… you start to wonder what’s going on. I can go running for 1/2 an hour and stay at 7 mmol/l but walking down the street, for 10 minutes! Nope. Not without hitting 3.4.

I don’t understand!

We even spoke to one of my consultants who was incredibly confused because it should be phsyiologically impossible! Does anyone else find this? With any sports?! I can be in my school’s fitness suite for an hour without a low in sight too, but walking 100 metres out the school gates will induce hypos. Where is the logic?!

Don’t even get me started on the hypos themselves. It’s not only the situations that cause the damn hypos that are weird, just take a look at some your recent symptoms and you’ll find some curious ones. For example, (okay it wasn’t in the last 6 months BUT I think it should make the list) I had a 2.4 in the middle of dinner one time.

The reason it got so low? My one and only symptom was the fact I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the table. I literally couldn’t not stare at it. I couldn’t even lift my eyes to the T.V to watch the programme that was on! I literally just was listening to the programme (I missed so much of it!) and staring at the table aimlessly whilst cutting up the food. After a good 10 minutes I finally realised something may be a little off and subsequently found out that lucozade is wonderful with chicken. Not.

Okay last but not least. Why would your body suddenly decide to give you high symptom for lows?! Because I now get very thrirsty when I go low. I don’t like it, it confuses me because I think I’m high, I often dismiss it and just grab a glass of water without testing and just why? Why? It’s not helpful. Stop it.

What I guess I’m trying to say is – diabetes is unpredictable. And the hypos can often be worst of it. I certainly have my fair share of weird and wonderful hypo stories, as do most of my diabetic friends. Of course of if written all of the causes of lows and all the possible or random symptoms, this post would take weeks to read! 

Do you have any hypo stories you’d like to share? If so, please leave them in the comments below!








10 thoughts on “Hypos: The Weird and Wonderful

  1. Love this Jess! Thank you for posting. I find it so insightful- With boys i find they just don’t talk about how they feel Quite as openly as females do.. So it’s hard sometimes for me to be able to actually empathise about how Ollie may feel in certain situations. So thank you!!! Oh and On H&M… I’m pretty sure it is a conditioned response to get out of clothes shopping with his mum! Ha ha.


    • Thank you! That’s exactly the reason I write my blog, because I don’t mind talking about it! It’s great to know people find it helpful so thank you:) And yes that’s probably why he goes low in there😂😂


  2. Hi Jess, Hypos are very strange when I lived on my own I used to test before driving home from work 7.9 or thereabouts. On arriving home a 15 minute drive I would find myself sitting on the front doorstep 3 hours later. I often wonder if the relaxation after stress made the brain go to sleep.


    • Oh no! I don’t think I’ll probably live on my own if I can help it, just so I have someone else as a safety blanket for hypos.


  3. i also get thirsty when low! that symptom started when I was regularly using liquids to treat hypos. I think my body now associates drinking with being low 🙂


    • That’s what I think happened with my body! I’ve always used liquid hypo treatments so I think my body has finally given in and gone “fine” and given me the correct symptom for the treatment I have😂


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