Hugo the Great!

I’ve been living with my insulin pump for 9 years this December. 9 years is a hell of a long time, over half my life. I have to say it does feel like an extra limb now!

A couple of years ago, my veo that I had at the time broke and we had a new one delivered (within 6 hours, medtronic was brilliant with it!). I then left my old pump upstairs and me and my mum were sat downstairs for a few hours watching films. We heard it alarming after a few minutes of sitting down but decided to ignore it, after all it was broken.

After probably 6 or so hours, I went upstairs to bed. I found my old insulin pump screaming it’s poor head off! It was sirening virtually non-stop and I clicked the screen on to find ‘lost sensor’. I actually can’t believe how bad I felt. I was super guilty and almost wanted to cry because all my poor ole pump had wanted to tell me was it couldn’t find my sensor (which of course it wouldn’t – how had I not realised that?). It had kept me alive for years, been my friend and my safety net for as long as I could rememeber and I had ignored it, FOR HOURS. 

I’m still surprised I’m so attached to my pump (pun very much intended) but not surprised at the same time. My current pump, a Medtronic 640G, is called Hugo and I love him. My last pump, a veo, was George and my first never had a name.  Each upgrade gets a new name and then replacements get numbers. So there was George, he who screamed his head off, then George 2. As of yet there is only Hugo. So far so good.


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