The (Mock) Exam Week – Take 1.

The past week and a bit I have been doing my mock exams. I haven’t even enjoyed them a little. I can officially say that I hate GCSEs. I also hate exams. (Somehow it still hasn’t put me off my dream of medical school which is a miracle!)

So for just over the past week I’ve been taking exam after exam. The mocks aren’t supposed to be terrible, they’re supposed to be easier than the real exams I have next year. But they were. They were beyond terrible. Did I mention the fact I hate exams? I have to do it all over again in February when there’s  another set of mocks. And of course I have to do the real exams in May/June time. Oh, the joys of high school.

Although the revising for the exams is worse than the exams themselves. Simply put, it is boring. Revision is painfully boring. (Yes, the subjects that I have an interest in aren’t as tedious but I’d rather be chatting with friends or go out shopping rather than sat inside for hours on end cramming facts into my already fried brain, you know?)

I even started snacking on my hypo treatment, well I used lucosade as hypo treatment as per usual but if I started heading low the smartguard wasn’t enough, so I would munch on a couple of jelly babies too, but they’re my all time favourite sweets. Bad move getting them for hypos, I know. I’m usually pretty good at self control with my jelly baby hypo jar but sometimes the urge to consume the entire jar was to much and I would indulge in some much needed sugar. Which sent me high. Because I’m rubbish at accurately bolusing for them time-wise. I eat them guiltily then forget I’m a diabetic. So I give insulin after. Again, bad move.

However, my blood sugars have been pretty amazing throughout! I’ve hovered in the 9s and 10s for every single exam which is excellent compared to what could have happened. Those numbers are just because I still haven’t figured out how to manage my breakfast bolus and what is the best food to eat. But other than that it has been a walk in the park diabetes-wise! Revision hasn’t impacted on my blood sugars to horrifically either. I did have a 1.9 after a practice exam I did at home in preparation and I’ve had a few hypos but not as many as I had when I revised last year. So, I consider myself successful at revising too, when it comes to blood sugars.

The school have been utterly amazing with my exams, so I reckon I’ve got a better deal than all my non-diabetic friends with all these exams. I have (not even kidding) been given a room of my own. It is a little lime green wedge shaped room, with a little triangular table and thankfully normal shaped chair plonked in the center. It definitely beats sitting in a huge drafty exam hall with hundreds of others! I needn’t worry about my pump alarms going off, testing in the middle or treating hypos and highs, which is a huge relief because I’m that type of person that doesn’t want to disrupt others so I would do something stupid like not treating the hypo or not stop the exam to wait for my blood sugars to rise (which I can do in my lime wedge)! I find it so much easier to concentrate on my exams when I’m isolated too, giving me the best chance possible of getting the grades I need. So, I owe a big thank you to my school when all of this is over! So, I hated the exams but they weren’t as horrific as they could have been.

But, exams are exams so to sum it all up: Exams are stressful and revision is boring. What a wonderful mix!

I can’t wait until I only have to study the subjects I enjoy, at A Level. I long for the days when I can enjoy my study time…. I’ve got to survive another few months of high school and then I’m free!


2 thoughts on “The (Mock) Exam Week – Take 1.

  1. There's something about revising/reading stuff because you HAVE to, rather than because you WANT to that immediately renders it boring, and a bit stressy? I couldn't read anything about Science for about two years after my third year finals because I felt like I had to commit it all to memory and it stopped being enjoyable?
    All done now, though, ( well for you, Joe's start today eek) and well done for managing your BGs so well! xx


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