I’m lucky, in the way that I don’t get ketones. If I ever test them because my sugars have reached the high 20s I always have 0.3, tops.

But I was in a situation recently where my blood sugars had sat at 20 to 23 for hours, which never happens. So I tested my ketones, even though it was highly unlikely that I had any. (The reason I don’t get them is something to do with the fact that I still produce my own inuslin even though it’s only occasionally.) And for the first time ever, I was scared to see the result.

Whenever my blood sugar is high, it has always come down fairly easily, especially compared to stories I hear on Facebook groups and from my type 1 friends. I don’t remember any times that it hasn’t, even when I’m ill (which isn’t often I’m proud to say, once in the last 5 years)! So with my sugars not budging for several hours, I stared to wonder if I would have ketones.

What-ifs started running through my head. What if I did have ketones, and they were dangerously high? What if I had to go to hospital? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not scared of being admitted to hospital or hospitals in general, after all I would be in the possible place to be treated. However, I am scared of the horror stories in the type 1 diabetes world, of comas and worse.

Thankfully, after a countdown that felt like it lasted years, I only had 0.2. But someday my tiny-weeny pancreas will probably die out completely, and I would be susceptible to ketones when that eventually happens. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, but I certainly don’t look forward to it.


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