Diabetes in all walks of life:/

(Apologies for not posting for ages!!! I’ve had a busy last 3 weeks and literally haven’t had a minute. I’m not even kidding.)

I’ve found that talking to people about type 1 diabetes is actually extremely difficult. And I don’t mean about how to manage it, the science behind it or even the emotional effects. I have absolutely no problem with any of those, I will talk to anyone that is even only vaguely interested!

What I mean is how I should explain the severity to different people in my life. For instance, I’ve applied for a job (in a nursing home!! If I get the job it’s one step closer to being a doctor!) but if I get the job, what do I tell the boss? I don’t want them to think that it is a major life-threatening condition because they might only give me tiny tasks to do, or baby me. I don’t want them having to learn the glucagon or anything! I wouldn’t want whoever my particular boss was to barely even think about my type 1.

However schools and whatever sixth form/college I go to, I would want them to think it was a major life-threatening and difficult to manage condition! Because then I get the extra privileges I desperately need, like calling my mum, having hypo treatment in class or if I get late to school because of a hypo it is easy to explain.

It’s two extremes with those particular situations/people, and what do I do about either?! It’s silly. And frustrating.

Oh well. I want to be grown up about this and talk to whomever I would need to myself, but how do you explain the severity of the condition, particularly Hyperinsulinism, without scaring the person or making it seem too easy?! I wish there was a stock answer that suited ALL situations and explained EVERYTHING in one sentence haha:)


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