Stress vs Diabetes

Well. I’ve recently found out what a heap load of coursework looks like on my blood sugars. It’s…. interesting. Yes, that’s the word I’ll use. Squashed would work too. If my blood sugars were a lilo (I’m getting in the holiday mood!) and people were pieces of work, the more people standing on the lilo (whilst it is floating on the turquoise-y blue sea….. with the sun beaming down, reflecting off the pleasantly warm water….) the more it sinks! That was the effect of work on blood sugars. (I have to say, my analogy is making me long for a sandy beach!)

I do just seem to drop when I’m doing coursework or exam revision! My blood sugars are great when I’m doing normal not as important homework, but the important stuff sadly does not slip under diabetes’ radar!

I was juggling with lower temp basal, however I’ve found that as soon as I hit the 4s, eating a couple of sweets does the trick. Not the healthiest of solutions, but hey ho! I’m not complaining!

As the workload increases over the next year, I will have to find a better option to keep my bloods stable, but for now I think my workload has decreased a little for the summer thankfully!!! (If I think this is a lot of work, I think I’ll probably get a shock next year. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll cope somehow haha!)


Diabetes in all walks of life:/

(Apologies for not posting for ages!!! I’ve had a busy last 3 weeks and literally haven’t had a minute. I’m not even kidding.)

I’ve found that talking to people about type 1 diabetes is actually extremely difficult. And I don’t mean about how to manage it, the science behind it or even the emotional effects. I have absolutely no problem with any of those, I will talk to anyone that is even only vaguely interested!

What I mean is how I should explain the severity to different people in my life. For instance, I’ve applied for a job (in a nursing home!! If I get the job it’s one step closer to being a doctor!) but if I get the job, what do I tell the boss? I don’t want them to think that it is a major life-threatening condition because they might only give me tiny tasks to do, or baby me. I don’t want them having to learn the glucagon or anything! I wouldn’t want whoever my particular boss was to barely even think about my type 1.

However schools and whatever sixth form/college I go to, I would want them to think it was a major life-threatening and difficult to manage condition! Because then I get the extra privileges I desperately need, like calling my mum, having hypo treatment in class or if I get late to school because of a hypo it is easy to explain.

It’s two extremes with those particular situations/people, and what do I do about either?! It’s silly. And frustrating.

Oh well. I want to be grown up about this and talk to whomever I would need to myself, but how do you explain the severity of the condition, particularly Hyperinsulinism, without scaring the person or making it seem too easy?! I wish there was a stock answer that suited ALL situations and explained EVERYTHING in one sentence haha:)