My beloved CGM (Enlite Sensors)!

Sometimes, life is just too full on don’t you think?

I’ve had a fair few exams recently, including three very important exams tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. (Predictive grades for Sixth Form! Eek!) So I haven’t had a great deal of time to do a blog post so this is only a quick one, and I’m hoping things will die down and become less homework-y next week!

I was reminded last week, exactly how fabulous the CGM is. A sensor that I had in for quite a while stopped working early on in the day, so I didn’t have a CGM for most of that day, and I’d put a new one in (I can now say I can put my own Enlite Sensor in, set up and insertion!!) that evening but we can never get it to work for the first 12-24 hours. So for approximately 2 days I went minus the sensor. Not good. At all. I’m used to relying on the high and low alerts, so I forgot that I didn’t have a sensor in and just tested my usual amount, which isn’t enough for me when I’m without a sensor. So I dropped to 2.8 three times. Including in the middle of the night. If I had had a sensor in, it would’ve either prevented the low, or at least let me know when I reached the 3s. I also climbed to 11 a few times, and for me this is really out of control blood sugars especially as it was a few times these drops and spikes occurred.

This has happened before, lots of times without my CGM, for instance a few months ago I didn’t have one in and I was stood next to my mum at a train station having just gone across a road to the car on my own, thought I was maybe in the 4s, or heading that way so I tested. 2.2.

It just seems that I cannot control my blood sugars when I’m sensorless! The CHI probably doesn’t help with the whole no liver releasing sugar backup, and my unreliable symptoms of both highs and lows aren’t helpful either. I have such a busy life (it’s so easy to just look at the Sensor Glucose, knowing it is accurate than test 12 or more times a day) that I just REALLY REALLY need my CGM. Whoever invented them was a genius!


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