Italian afterthoughts

I actually managed to survive the week in Italy, and come home in one piece! That in itself is an achievement me thinks.

It turned out to be a very good week, and I definitely don’t regret going. The teachers were absolutely brilliant too, especially the two female ones! Every single night they woke up, or stayed up until 11 for me to text them my sugars. And then at 2 or 3 depending what I’d decided at 11 (and that depended on my number and arrows on my CGM at previous test) they would wake up and wait for me to text them. The agreement was if I didn’t text within 15 minutes, they had to knock on my door. That unfortunately did have to happen once, on the first night in the hotel because at 4:30am (the first night I tested once more after my 2 am test because I’d hypoed in the evening due to the sudden change of temperature from country to country, so was t sure what on earth my bloods we’re going to do!) I ended up only semi waking up to my alarm, turned it off, then when the teachers texted me, twice (whoops!), I’d turned them off too and then finally actually woken up. Once fully awake I totally forgot I had heard an alarm AND texts! So the knock on my door 5 minutes later certainly surprised me.

The only other overnight blip was on the final night when my phone decided it wouldn’t send texts anymore. Helpful. So at 11pm I told the teachers this problem, and eventually agreed for me to knock on their door at 2/3am. And at that time I bumped into them in the corridor! (The tow of them prefered to both wake up each time, I think they felt more confident like that). So overnights went pretty well! I had no highs OR lows in the night, at all!

But what I couldn’t have done the week without, or at least it would’ve been a whole lot harder, was my CGM. Oh my gosh the amount of times I looked at it, was unbelievable! I was constantly checking what direction I was going, and what I should do insulin wise. It was utterly brilliant, all week. This was the MiniMed 640G Enlite Sensor. I’ve completely re-fallen in love with it again! Even more so now that I can insert it myself! (In my thigh is my prefered spot).

I did have a few lows throughout the week, but my lowest was 2.9, so not terrible. And it couldn’t have averaged out at more than 2 per day, maximum. And I had the grand total of perhaps 2 or 3 high blood sugars, 2 of them being in the first 24hrs, on the coach journey. And they all came down quickly and easily. My blood sugars, in conclusion, were a success!

We spent three days in Italy in total, and two either side travelling. We did 4 drama workshops, all of which were excellent fun. We did shopping and the Scalla Opera House (and my group plus 2 teachers headed for McDonald’s instead of eating our packed lunch! Our group ((the rest of the time we stayed as one big school group, only on the middle day did we split into three groups for ease of shopping)) was the best as we went in the most shops and were given the most, although supervised, freedom!) in Milan and we did Romeo and Julie’s balcony (on which two of my friends kissed as a joke….. ((Both male and best mates, not dating or loving in any way, shape or form!)) and I witnessed a proposal in front of the love notes section of the wall! Very romantic and sweet!) and the colosseum (oh my word was it embarrassing whe we had to walk out early, but oh my it is such an amazing building to sit in, or is ‘in’ the right word, due to it having no roof?!). Even the almost 24hour coach journey wasn’t too bad, just sleeping was damn near impossible.

I would definitely recommend Italy, I would go back! But only go provided that you take A LOT of sun lotion!!:):)

The results of my week:



I’m very pleased with the first and last photo!! The middle one, to me, seems very out of control. But then again a type 1 diabetic’s graph is always going to go up and down a fair bit, so actually it’s pretty good. (1st photo = test kit, 2nd + 3rd = CGM)!!



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