Italy – Day 1!! Or, well, Day 2….

I am writing this post at 4am, halfway through an almost 24hour coach journey (with a bit of ferrying involved), because I cannot sleep. Turns out, I can only sleep in a bed, and definitely not on a coach. Unless I’m hit round the head with a hammer. Although I’d rather not be.

The reason I am sat on a coach is, I am on my way to Italy!! (With the school). Currently I’m in France, and yes I’m going via Switzerland, but we will eventually end up (hopefully) in Italy.

And I’m in charge. (Not of the trip, we’d end up in Sweden or something if I was in charge of the whole thing). But I am in charge of my diabetes. And boy am I excited!

I do have a deal with the teachers, where they’re my alarm clock, and then I let them know if anything is drastically wrong plus they’re emergency trained. However, the rest -the majority – is down to me. But I’m doing great so far. With the exception of underestimating my dinner carbs on the ferry yesterday evening resulting in a 17.0 back on the coach an hour later. But I’m going to pretend that never happened. So, I’m doing great so far! (I am now okay again). I’ll attempt to make sure the rest of the week goes a little smoother than the first 12 hours!

Wish me luck!

Look at the amount of medical I had to pack for just a week!! That’s not even all of it!


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