DBlog Week – Favourites and Motivations

I made a New Years resolution at the beginning of 2013, to make a type one diabetes blog. So, I made one. However I only posted twice. I was absolutely rubbish at it! Then in 2014 I made a new blog, in May. But, I couldn’t keep it up well so I stopped and switched to Twitter.

Earlier this year I decided to start it up again on the same blog (the very first one is no longer in use). I gave it a complete new look, a new name and new style of blogging. Plus I blog about other things such as HI and Gastroparesis now. And I’ve kept it up! I deleted all my old posts from May to when I stopped it in October, so I only have my posts since March (I read my old posts back and wondered how I’d ever been happy to post them! They were awful!)

So, since restarting my favourite post has been ‘Invasion of Test Strips’, the link to it is at the bottom of this post. I like it simply because I had a lot fun writing it!! More than I usually do haha. Or actually ‘My Brand New MiniMed 640G’ I quite like because it’s more of a story of a day rather than opinions:)

I think my favourite line is actually one I said, I may have mentioned it in one of my DBlog Week posts. It being –

‘Diabetes is only one piece of me, both the whole picture.’

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