DBlog Week – Clean it Out

Hmmmmmm. I definitely have PLENTY to clean out of my medical cupboard. Well, all my cupboards could do with cleaning out but this is a diabetes blog so I can’t talk about my other cupboards on here.

I think at least half of the cupboard must be packed with test kits. The amount I have collected over the years is truly insane. And the amount of finger testers that came with them….. At least ousted all the test kits at some point. But finger testers is nuh uh. I will only use accu check multiclix. Fastclix at a push. Any other one – NO NO NO NO. But my mum kept them anyway!

Obviously my medical cupboard is filled with sets, reservoirs, sensor bits and bobs and loads of hypo treatment but there is so much old stuff I simply don’t use anymore! Like my old test kits and pen pot of finger testers, alongside those is my old MDI kit. I don’t even remember how to use it anymore! Sadly we have to keep it for those extremely rare highs that require a pen injection, or that even rarer time that my pump completely breaks (only happened once in 8 years, and that was when we couldn’t get a new pump within 6 hours, which we can now!) So although I can’t chuck out the pen kit, it is in my medical cupboard so gets a mention:) (there is also a box of unseeded straws in the cupboard, I used to use them to take hypo treatment but haven’t for YEARS so in sure they’d disintegrate with one touch!)

But, the thing that definitely takes the biscuit for not belonging in my medical cupboard is by far, the suitcase. Yes, a suitcase. There was a gap, so we filled it. Because of course a suitcase is essential in your medical cupboard. It is the most important piece of kit didn’t you know?! Well, it could be of you were in hospital overnight, but touch wood I haven’t needed an overnight bag for quite a while.

So yeah, my medical cupboard is very very full. Sadly that is not an understatement.


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