The Idiot Within Me Strikes Once Again

Guess who was an idiot and forgot to take any spare strips on a school trip this last week? Moi!

I was off to London to a University with the school, I’d been told the day before that two trained Teaching Assistants (two that I know quite well, one more so than the other) would be going on this trip too, just in case I needed help.

So that morning I was all ready, bag packed with my test kit, spare needles, lucozade, glucagon, creon (digestive enzymes, taken because of my lack of pancreas), spare set change and even an injection kit in case my pump failed! And I never carry a spare injection kit (I know I’m meant to……). I was definitely ready for this trip.

It was quite a long journey, especially as it was by coach. I think it was 3 and 1/2 hours. Not my longest journey by far, but it wasn’t exactly fun. About 1/2 hour into this journey, the smartguard activated. So, because smartguard isn’t working very well for me, and I go low anyway, I tested. I was 2 mmol/ls above the sensor. So, I turned smart guard off. It then activated again 1 hour later. (If I remember correctly!) I tested again, using the last test strip in the pot in my kit. The sensor was wrong again. This was clearly a bad sensor. Suddenly thinking for once, I decided to get the other pot of test strips out of my bag, ready for my next test.

So I’m rummaging through my bag and I stick my hand in my medical kit (kept in a makeup bag within my bag) and I pull out the spare test strips. I open it up…….. Empty.

Completely and utterly empty. I had no means of knowing what my blood sugars were, and I couldn’t even rely on the sensor.

I froze. Panicked. Then actually thought logically.

So, I called my mum. She was fuming, but she worked her magic.

There was then a pot of test strips found at the hospital I’m under, and the University was told to expect a package. The strips just had to get there. Somehow, a barrista (apologies for the spelling) offered to be gofer. And hey presto the test strips were handed to me, (by the T.A who’d gone to grab them from the main desk) just in time for lunch.

I can be sure I will never not check the spare test strip pot again! ESPECIALLY for school trips!!!


4 thoughts on “The Idiot Within Me Strikes Once Again

  1. I have definitely had moments like this – you'd think we'd remember after so many years, but no, it is still so easy to forget – strips, bolus, etc!! Loving reading your posts – have just discovered you via D-Blog Week (can't remember who's post linked to you!) I'm in the UK currently too 🙂


  2. I'll try and go back and find how I found you – it was someone's post about what new blogs have you found. Loved your post titled University – I think your plans sound well thought through, and you're brave. I made the decision I didn't think i could do a job which could involve night shifts, which over 10 years later was remarkably insightful for me at 17!


  3. Oh thank you! That'd be interesting. And yes haha, I have always wanted to work in a hospital somehow, so I've looked into it A LOT haha. You decided not to be a doctor? That's fair enough:)


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