Taking off more than I can chew….. Literally

I went out to dinner with my dad and his girlfriend last night, to a newly opened Indian. I’ve had Indian lots of times before and I do eat rather a lot. The curry, rice, naan, onion Bahaji and often a side dish that I share with someone…… And I tend to finish the lot. (You’re probably thinking “Oh my word she’s so greedy! What a pig!” But I promise I don’t do this often! It was a treat last night I swear!)

Anyway, we got a few poppadoms (Is that how you spell it???) with the little topping thingys and I had one and a half with a couple of spoonfuls of various toppings. We were waiting a long time for our main to come, because it was such a new restaurant so they were extremely full but with limited staff. When the main course came I piled the rice onto my plate, put most of my curry on top and some of the side dish (Saag Paneer, spinach and cheese in sauce, probably my favourite part of the meal!) I ate a forkful. And then another……. And then I was full.

I realised this would be Gastroparesis mucking around. Only a few bites into my delicious meal, I didn’t want anymore! I decided that this meal was just too nice to pass up, plus I couldn’t exactly leave heaps of food at a restaurant, so I ploughed on through it. I don’t regret doing that either! I felt super full at the end, so I didn’t have seconds sadly:( Thankfully I didn’t feel sick! I’ve felt much worse after much smaller meals before, so it wasn’t bad at all.

It was a delicious meal, so was a very good night out!:)

But, I accidentally over bolused. I actually gave the same amount of insulin as I normally do, so I don’t know why I reached 3.3 an hour after getting home. But I was minus a sensor due to it dying on my about 2 hours before going out so we’d decided to try and resurrect it (and failed) so I didn’t have one in at all that evening. I wouldn’t hve gone that low, if low at all if I’d had my CGM working-_-


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