My brand new MiniMed 640G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will start off by just clarifying that my brand new MiniMed 640G, is in fact my insulin pump. Now you know what I’m actually on about, I can start!!

So, at the beginning of February, the 2nd I think, I was due a new insulin pump. But, I wanted the new all-singing all-dancing Medtronic pump (said 640G) which was launched on the market that very same day I was due one. Basically, that meant I couldn’t get my hands on it during that appointment on the 2nd disappointingly. We were then told I would get it within that next couple of weeks. But, we are talking about the NHS here. (Don’t get me wrong, I love that it’s free and cares for you, but boy is it slow. If the NHS and a snail were in a race to get the best time, the snail would probably win, being faster). We were told they had to order the pump, train the hospital staff who were meant to train the patients blah blah blah.

So here we were, 2 and a half months later, finally getting my new pump! September before last, so 2013, I took part in the trials for the 620 which was virtually the same as the 640G except it was minus a few features and it isn’t actually available (a slight problem if you want it…. But the 640G is better, so the 620 probably lays in the corner forgotten somewhere).

My mum and I therefore didn’t strictly need the training for my new pump, having been trained a little over a year before and we were going to just stop by the hospital and pick up the pump a few days before the official training day. It then turned out that I knew 3 of the people going and were good friends with them, so UCLH managed to squeeze us in and 2 of my friends and our mums made a day of it (they both live nearby me).

Our training was in the afternoon, so after getting the train up there with them, we found a place called Kamps (I recommend it, it is utterly delicious!) just down from the hospital (UCLH). I’d eaten there before (and will definitely go back!) and had my usual tuna melt with a caramel coffee frap (both mouth-wateringly good!). I couldn’t for the life of me remember what carbs I had given, or whether it had worked last time I ate there. So, I guessed. My friend, and fellow diabetic, also had a tuna melt (minus my amazing drink) and we guessed slightly differently. I did 10 carbs more than he did (I still think I was closer carbs wise hahaha!) and added on what I guesstimated for the caramel thingy-majiggy. We had to wait and see who’d guessed better! A mini competition of sorts!

The training was fun, I won’t go into details as my post is already super long (I do hope I’m not boring you now! If you’ve managed to read this far, thank you very much! I really appreciate views and always forget to say thank you!). It was a rather hot and stuffy room we were sat in for a good 3 hours, and halfway through the session I had to test. Hello mr blood sugar of 18.0. Fabulous. I’d under-bolused horribly, and the heat hadn’t exactly helped. Luckily it came down quickly but annoyingly my friend’s blood sugars were perfect even though he bolused less (and he had a donut so we had roughly equal carbs!).

We got a new pump, a new transmitter for the sensor and a new test kit! (Contour link next USB 2.4!!) So all very exciting. The training was good fun, we already knew most things we were taught but it reminded us. The main thing we didn’t know about, only rumours and other friends being on it (and Twitter of course!), was the smart guard. (The CGM and pump work together to turn off the insulin to prevent a low blood sugar!! The graph turns orange for when smartguard is active!) Oh my word. It’s so cool! I’ll do another post on it and how it works:)

After training, those of us who travelled up together went out for dinner…… All bolused using our new pumps…… Then we travelled home……. And on the way home my smartguard activated!!! I was so excited, I couldn’t stop looking at it!

love my new pump and all it’s extras! I really love it!!!:) 

You can see how my day went with blood sugars haha!!


Second photo you can see the smart guard just activated because I was dropping!

Last photo you can see smart guard had been on (same section of smart guard as photo above, just hours later!). Apologies for the atrocious nail varnish, I really need to sort it out.

Sadly the smart guard didn’t work in this instance, and after giving it every chance of working, even not having lucozade when I tested at about 22:10 and was 3.5. The smart guard reached its maximum time – 2hours – and had to switch off. At which point I was 3.0, and feeling it very much so. However, later that night it activated again, and worked!

4 thoughts on “My brand new MiniMed 640G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Really interesting to read this Jess. I would love Katie to have one of these but she likes the handset with the accucheck too much. Thanks for taking the time to write this.


  2. Thank you Jess for your blogs, really inspiring for my Daisy and hoping such positive info will persuade her to a pump – info from users loads more appealing than reps/hosps x


  3. Yes, I like the idea of a handset, and I'm hoping Medtronic bring out a pump that has a handset that does everything that the pump does, as well as the pump do it all too!!! (Because knowing me I would drop it wayyyy too many times than is healthy for the handset!).

    But, the 640G does sort of have a handset… Ish. The test kit I was given with the pump can tell the pump to do preset boluses (that are set up on the pump).
    I used this option last night actually, because I was wearing a dress which meant my pump was rather difficult to get to. When I ate I selected the preset bolus on my meter which would give me 10 carbs worth of insulin. I did this a few times because the food I ate added up to 30 ish. It worked, but I would only use it for evenings like it.
    It's meant to be used if you for instance have exactly the same thing for breakfast every morning and you could turn that amount into a preset bolus, and voila! Handset! Ish:)


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