Now, I know I’m only 15 (And only just, I had my birthday last week! And if you wanted to know, which you probably don’t but I’ll tell you anyway, 15 doesn’t feel any different whatsoever to 14) but I am already thinking about my future. And my future is one that I hope involves becoming a doctor. Well, it WILL involve being a doctor, I’m not the type to accept no as an answer in this circumstance.

But of course becoming a Doctor involves being a medical student first, and recently I’ve been thinking about the course I want to do, (which is the A100, another fact you probably didn’t need or want but I’ve told you anyway). But more importantly I’ve been thinking about where I want to do that course.

Last weekend, I spent 3 days in Cambridge having a look at the area and the outside of the colleges under the university. (It is a very lovely area, sooo beautiful and old) but I’m not sure the course structure is right for me, I’m not sure. Oxford is exactly the same structure as Cambridge, and they are the only two in the UK that use that structure. All of the other universities either do lots of studying and lectures in the first 3ish years and then clinical placements in the last few years or do a mix of both all the way through. But it is a 6 year course either way you do it. (Cambridge and oxford appear to do two 3 years courses strangely).

I won’t bore you with all the details of the courses but the other Uni I’m very interested in happens to be UCL, the hospital I’m under for my diabetes care! I plan on talking to my consultant about his experience there. Plus as a medical student I could get placements in GOSH, the other hospital I’m under, for my CHI. (I want to work in paediatrics, and specialise within that, so GOSH would be a perfect placement! To study at UCL would be quite frankly a dream of mine!)

But thinking about the course and Universities, especially UCL because it’s in London has got me thinking about just general student life, and how expensive and busy it is!

And the point of this now rather long post is, how on earth do I fit Diabetes/CHI into it?! To try and get as high an income as I could to cover living and Uni expenses I would most likely have to get a job, but I would have to pass the course and become a doctor too (Kind of the point of being there really?) so I would be SOO busy. I dread managing Type 1 with that kind of lifestyle. Although, others will have done it before me, I’m sure it is possible.

With all that negative thoughts about fitting medical stuff, oh gosh I hadn’t even thought about appointments before now, into that life there is a positive. Well, two. No, I correct myself again, three.

1. It is after all a serious medical condition, and then combined with CHI and Gastroparesis, although the CHI more, I would probably, hopefully get some privileges. I’ve heard of Type 1 Diabetics getting ensuite rooms, for high overnight bloods, and fridges in their rooms for insulin etc. (A mini fridge of course, could you imagine a big, fat, tall fridge sitting in the corner of your bedroom?!)

2. I would be excellent at the diabetes section of the training! And a little knowledgeable about the endocrine system, the pancreas in particular I guess. But not much.

3. I would be able to empathise super well (I hope!!) with my (paediatric) patients if I worked in endocrinology, which I’m interested in at the moment. In fact I’m interested in specialising in the pancreas and/or CHI! That would be cool.

So, life as a medical student will be busy and difficult especially with diabetes/CHI thrown into the mix, but it will be rewarding too, at the end:)


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