The Smallest and Yet Most Annoying Diabetes Moments PART 2

– When you’re getting ready for bed and you’re just cleanin your teeth when your blood sugars suddenly drop. Well, orange flavoured lucozade and mint toothpaste is a lasting taste……. And not a very pleasant one at all.

– When you’ve had high blood sugars for a few days, not 18+ high (although this point is very true if you’re 18+ high for a few days!) but even only 11ish. Just higher than you usually are. You’ve finally gotten your bloods back down into range, you’re 5/6ish but your body is trying to persuade you that you’re low. You test over and over again during that first day back to normality but every single test you are very clearly fine. But still you’re feeling very low. It is highly frustrating because you think lucozade will help, but of course all it will do is send you high again!! I often feel like saying “brain you had one job. Give me symptoms when I’m low” because of course the rest of brain basically packs up for the non hypo but symptomatic day. Why brain why.

– When there’s loud music on and you suddenly hear what could be your pump. But you’re not too sure because there’s an instrument in the song that’s playing that sounds vaguely like your pump. Plus your pump is in an awkward place because you’re at a party. To get your pump out or not to get your pump out. So, because you don’t want to risk it being your pump and it then sirening, you get it out, (with difficulty and few odd looks). You then find out it was never your pump in the first place and you needn’t have worried or got it out.

There are plenty of other small and yet highly annoying moments that comes with being diabetic, but these are the only ones I could think of!

I also apologise for not writing this post sooner after part 1, I swore not to write this post until I finished a particular piece of homework……. I may have procrastinated rather a lot……

⬇️See part 1 here!!!⬇️



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