The Smallest and Yet Most Annoying Diabetes Moments

My smallest and yet most annoying diabetes moments.

– When it’s late at night, you’re lying in bed. Perhaps you’ve been re-running the days’ events in your mind. You’re at the stage of sleepiness where keeping your eyes open is physically impossible. Your thoughts are no longer coherent….. You are pretty much asleep, but not quite. That’s when your pump beeps. Even worse, it’s telling you you’re low. You want to stay snuggled up in your warm duvet, but the test kit unfortunately calls. This is very VERY annoying moment. And what makes it even worse is when the meter tells you, you’re not even low! Or even heading down! (You’re probably thinking – “What?! But it would be worse if you were low surely?!” But no. Not being low is worse because it means you being dragged back from the brink of dreamland was POINTLESS. Completely pointless! You could’ve finally fallen asleep, instead of wasting your time (well I guess wasting is the wrong word because if you were low it would be well worth having tested) by waking up.)

– You had a really good day of blood sugars, you’ve done everything correctly, given insulin on time, tested throughout the day to keep track. Your bloods were perfet through the night too, but when you wake up in the morning you’re something like 17. What the hell?! How did that even happen?!?!

– Being stood in the shower, you’re pretty tired because of getting up so early. You don’t want to get out anytime soon, but then you start to feel a bit hypo. Then it’s the whole debate of do end my lovely shower and test? Or do I stay in here a little while longer, because I won’t drop that quickly. You decide to stay in the shower because you don’t really feel hypo quite yet, just dropping a tad. But then irrational thoughts start going trough your head, like what if I collapse, and the paramedics have to walk in and treat me whilst I’m lacking clothes. (That is something I am terrified of happening. Imagine the embarrassment!!) so then the fear of being found by strangers (i.e. the paramedics) collapsed whilst lacking clothes wins and sadly out you get.

(To be continued………)

⬇️See part 2 here!!⬇️


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