Invasion of the test strips

As a teenager, my floor is littered with hairbands, charging wires, clothes, occasionally pieces of homework and school books. But my floor differs from your average teenager’s because all the normal teen mess is added to by used barrels of needles, empty Lucozade bottles, full Lucozade bottles, empty test strip pots, old set change packaging, even old sets (!) and you can almost guarantee there will be blood stains from overnight testing on my duvet. Okay, yes the spots of blood are tiny, but against a white cover….

But what I find the most of is used test strips. There is no place that I haven’t found a strip! They are EVERYWHERE. I climb into bed at night and hey presto, test strip! And usually around 2 or 3 have to be swept out before I lay down. In fact I’m surprised I haven’t woken up with one stuck to my face yet. However I do get the damn things stuck to my feet when I walk around the flat. I can even see one on the floor from where I’m currently sitting! I am going to set myself a little challenge. I am going to take a little walk around my flat and count how many I can see! I will be back.

Shock horror, I can only find the one I saw whilst unmoving! I have a feeling my mum has picked them all up. I certainly know she hoovered this morning.  Anyway, they cover the floor (Usually!). I’m surprised I drop that many to be honest. Perhaps they reproduce or magically multiply or something, that would explain the sheer amount around.

But, their all-time favourite hideout is the bottom of my bag. I stick my hand in my bag to root around and find something, for instance, my phone, and before my hand has located said phone I easily touch at least 7 test strips. If not more. (I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you live with them, 7 is 7 too many!). Unfortunately test strips aren’t little balls of fluff. They have corners, that hurt when you put your hand in a pile of them-_-. But, the meter I like to use, uses test strips. Which means if I want to use my particular meter (I love it, so that’s a yes) then I have to put up with the invasion of test strips.


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