Diabetes – the many, many types…

How many types of diabetes are there?! It’s confusing me so much!! I’ve been trying to count how many there are, but it’s not easy. It also doesn’t help that a couple have multiple names! And trying to distinguish between them all is damn near impossible.

Okay, don’t quote me on these as I am not totally sure on any that I don’t have! These are just my thoughts and what I believe, not medical advice or whatever!

I know there’s type 1 and 2, of course. Type 1 is autoimmune where the pancreas doesn’t secrete any insulin whatsoever (helpful, huh?) and is treated by taking insulin. Then type 2 where the pancreas produces some insulin, not enough sometimes or simply  the body doesn’t use it effectively, treated by diet and exercise, tablets or insulin. Or a mix of them. I’m not sure. They’re the two types that virtually everyone has heard of and the two types that a lot get mixed up about!

(Please note: Type 1 is NOT ever caused by eating sweets or being overweight. The type 1 diabetic didn’t do ANYTHING themselves to cause it. Oh and may I add that a type 1 diabetic can eat anything, with the exception of poison, and household objects probably aren’t a good idea either… Anyway you get the point! Type two isn’t caused by eating too many sweets or being overweight either, you simply are at RISK (although that doesn’t exactly help. But that’s way too confusing for me to even comprehend, basically it may contribute) not definite at all, of developing type 2. And type 2 can be hereditary anyway, and wouldn’t be caused by the type 2 themselves.)

I can’t forget my own type, surgically induced diabetes (Well, I think that’s my type. I could say I have insulin-dependant Congenital Hyperinsulinism, instead of diabetes. I stick to saying diabetes though! And I say type 1 because it is the closest to what I have really). That surgery being a Pancreatectomy (removal of part or all of the pancreas), I don’t believe there’s any other surgery that can cause diabetes? I’m treated with insulin.

Gestational diabetes is developed during pregnancy, and other than that I have no clue. I think you don’t have it after you give birth, but you’re at risk of developing either type 1 or type 2, it’s one of them and I can’t remember which, because you gestational. Apparently there is Chemically Induced Diabetes. I have no idea what that is either. I have heard of Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) aka Type 1.5, but again I don’t know any details. Maturity Onset of Diabetes in the Young (MODY) is another type. I think there are types of MODY aswell?

Brittle diabetes (Does this one even exist? I’m not sure it can be officially diagnosed…. It’s an opinion surely?) is type 1 diabetes that is hard to control. Like a type within a type again. I’m so confused about Brittle diabetes because it isn’t actually it’s own type is it really?!)

And isn’t Alzheimer’s being considered as being named type 3 diabetes? (I don’t think it is though, they were just rumours I believe) Because you get Alzheimer’s from something to do with glucose in your brain. I think.

I also think there are even more than that lot, but I can’t name them as I simply don’t know them. This blog post hasn’t actually straightened my thoughts on all the different types, just confused me further.

I give up.


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