Re starting:):):)

I started this blog last year, may I think (So May 2014), but I removed my old posts after rereading them, I’ve decided they are truly terrible! And definitely not worthy of being on my blog.

I really enjoy blogging, so I’m going to start it up again! I’m not going to blog too often or make a routine of it. Some days I’ll do one a day….. Some days (well, weeks) I’ll do one a week, or less frequently than that! Because I do a lot of other stuff, but I used to use it as a kind of diary (for diabetes of course) and it was nice taking a break from blogging, but I miss it now!

Not much has happened since I last blogged. A few weeks ago I had a reading of under 1.1 (SCARY!!) and the past 10 days or so I have had constantly low bloods.

Oh and I’ve started getting my chest/stomach pains back so I had a gastroscopy 2 months ago. But it came up as all okay, so the doctor thinks it’s psychological (Doctors always do that with stomach pains! Lazy I think!) I had them at age two until I was 9/10 when they diagnosed me with gastroparesis (I had a scan thingy, and had to eat radioactive porridge pretty much) and I was put on meds which made my pains disappear!! I was weened off them 2 years ago and now I’ve got the pains back-_-) the doctor hasn’t retested me or even acknowledged (I think) that I had gastroparesis and probably still have it as I’m pretty sure there isn’t a cure!

So I’m just dealing with it all. It’s annoying, but that’s life!!! Life isn’t fair. But then again life isn’t fair to anyone. So then that means it is fair…… That just totally contradicts itself…..

(I’m still going to tweet. Pretty please follow me!!! Jess_Burton3)


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