The Smallest and Yet Most Annoying Diabetes Moments

My smallest and yet most annoying diabetes moments.

– When it’s late at night, you’re lying in bed. Perhaps you’ve been re-running the days’ events in your mind. You’re at the stage of sleepiness where keeping your eyes open is physically impossible. Your thoughts are no longer coherent….. You are pretty much asleep, but not quite. That’s when your pump beeps. Even worse, it’s telling you you’re low. You want to stay snuggled up in your warm duvet, but the test kit unfortunately calls. This is very VERY annoying moment. And what makes it even worse is when the meter tells you, you’re not even low! Or even heading down! (You’re probably thinking – “What?! But it would be worse if you were low surely?!” But no. Not being low is worse because it means you being dragged back from the brink of dreamland was POINTLESS. Completely pointless! You could’ve finally fallen asleep, instead of wasting your time (well I guess wasting is the wrong word because if you were low it would be well worth having tested) by waking up.)

– You had a really good day of blood sugars, you’ve done everything correctly, given insulin on time, tested throughout the day to keep track. Your bloods were perfet through the night too, but when you wake up in the morning you’re something like 17. What the hell?! How did that even happen?!?!

– Being stood in the shower, you’re pretty tired because of getting up so early. You don’t want to get out anytime soon, but then you start to feel a bit hypo. Then it’s the whole debate of do end my lovely shower and test? Or do I stay in here a little while longer, because I won’t drop that quickly. You decide to stay in the shower because you don’t really feel hypo quite yet, just dropping a tad. But then irrational thoughts start going trough your head, like what if I collapse, and the paramedics have to walk in and treat me whilst I’m lacking clothes. (That is something I am terrified of happening. Imagine the embarrassment!!) so then the fear of being found by strangers (i.e. the paramedics) collapsed whilst lacking clothes wins and sadly out you get.

(To be continued………)

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Invasion of the test strips

As a teenager, my floor is littered with hairbands, charging wires, clothes, occasionally pieces of homework and school books. But my floor differs from your average teenager’s because all the normal teen mess is added to by used barrels of needles, empty Lucozade bottles, full Lucozade bottles, empty test strip pots, old set change packaging, even old sets (!) and you can almost guarantee there will be blood stains from overnight testing on my duvet. Okay, yes the spots of blood are tiny, but against a white cover….

But what I find the most of is used test strips. There is no place that I haven’t found a strip! They are EVERYWHERE. I climb into bed at night and hey presto, test strip! And usually around 2 or 3 have to be swept out before I lay down. In fact I’m surprised I haven’t woken up with one stuck to my face yet. However I do get the damn things stuck to my feet when I walk around the flat. I can even see one on the floor from where I’m currently sitting! I am going to set myself a little challenge. I am going to take a little walk around my flat and count how many I can see! I will be back.

Shock horror, I can only find the one I saw whilst unmoving! I have a feeling my mum has picked them all up. I certainly know she hoovered this morning.  Anyway, they cover the floor (Usually!). I’m surprised I drop that many to be honest. Perhaps they reproduce or magically multiply or something, that would explain the sheer amount around.

But, their all-time favourite hideout is the bottom of my bag. I stick my hand in my bag to root around and find something, for instance, my phone, and before my hand has located said phone I easily touch at least 7 test strips. If not more. (I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you live with them, 7 is 7 too many!). Unfortunately test strips aren’t little balls of fluff. They have corners, that hurt when you put your hand in a pile of them-_-. But, the meter I like to use, uses test strips. Which means if I want to use my particular meter (I love it, so that’s a yes) then I have to put up with the invasion of test strips.

Diabetes – the many, many types…

How many types of diabetes are there?! It’s confusing me so much!! I’ve been trying to count how many there are, but it’s not easy. It also doesn’t help that a couple have multiple names! And trying to distinguish between them all is damn near impossible.

Okay, don’t quote me on these as I am not totally sure on any that I don’t have! These are just my thoughts and what I believe, not medical advice or whatever!

I know there’s type 1 and 2, of course. Type 1 is autoimmune where the pancreas doesn’t secrete any insulin whatsoever (helpful, huh?) and is treated by taking insulin. Then type 2 where the pancreas produces some insulin, not enough sometimes or simply  the body doesn’t use it effectively, treated by diet and exercise, tablets or insulin. Or a mix of them. I’m not sure. They’re the two types that virtually everyone has heard of and the two types that a lot get mixed up about!

(Please note: Type 1 is NOT ever caused by eating sweets or being overweight. The type 1 diabetic didn’t do ANYTHING themselves to cause it. Oh and may I add that a type 1 diabetic can eat anything, with the exception of poison, and household objects probably aren’t a good idea either… Anyway you get the point! Type two isn’t caused by eating too many sweets or being overweight either, you simply are at RISK (although that doesn’t exactly help. But that’s way too confusing for me to even comprehend, basically it may contribute) not definite at all, of developing type 2. And type 2 can be hereditary anyway, and wouldn’t be caused by the type 2 themselves.)

I can’t forget my own type, surgically induced diabetes (Well, I think that’s my type. I could say I have insulin-dependant Congenital Hyperinsulinism, instead of diabetes. I stick to saying diabetes though! And I say type 1 because it is the closest to what I have really). That surgery being a Pancreatectomy (removal of part or all of the pancreas), I don’t believe there’s any other surgery that can cause diabetes? I’m treated with insulin.

Gestational diabetes is developed during pregnancy, and other than that I have no clue. I think you don’t have it after you give birth, but you’re at risk of developing either type 1 or type 2, it’s one of them and I can’t remember which, because you gestational. Apparently there is Chemically Induced Diabetes. I have no idea what that is either. I have heard of Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) aka Type 1.5, but again I don’t know any details. Maturity Onset of Diabetes in the Young (MODY) is another type. I think there are types of MODY aswell?

Brittle diabetes (Does this one even exist? I’m not sure it can be officially diagnosed…. It’s an opinion surely?) is type 1 diabetes that is hard to control. Like a type within a type again. I’m so confused about Brittle diabetes because it isn’t actually it’s own type is it really?!)

And isn’t Alzheimer’s being considered as being named type 3 diabetes? (I don’t think it is though, they were just rumours I believe) Because you get Alzheimer’s from something to do with glucose in your brain. I think.

I also think there are even more than that lot, but I can’t name them as I simply don’t know them. This blog post hasn’t actually straightened my thoughts on all the different types, just confused me further.

I give up.

The Fault In Our Stars

I’ve just watched the fault in our stars for the third time, and EVERYTIME I watch this movie, it causes me some seriously deep thinking!

I moan about diabetes, who doesn’t? I moan about needles, having no break etc. But then I sit and watch TFIOS and feel lucky that I am diabetic. Weird right?! Suddenly the needles seem so insignificant and diabetes appears easy to me, compared to what Hazel and Augustus and their parents have to face. The two of them get death sentences. And okay yeah, type 1 can be fatal, but ever so rarely! What they’re going through is so awful (well, they’re fictional characters, so actually, what people in their situation are going through really) that I feel really bad for moaning about diabetes!

I end up promising myself never to moan about diabetes again! I always end up breaking that promise anyway, and then I want to kick myself for moaning-_- If I rant at my friends about it, I feel bad because they don’t fully understand it of course and so I feel like I’m attention seeking, for something that in the grand scheme of things definitely isn’t the worst thing that could happen to me! Talking to other diabetics is better, but I don’t want it to come across as ‘I’m in a worse situation than you’ type thing. And my mum, I like to talk to her about my struggles or whatever, but she’s in probably just as bad a position as I am, if not worse. Because it’s bad enough having the condition, but even worse having a child with it I’m sure! So I don’t want to burden her in a way, or make her feel down about it or something.

Perhaps I could let out my frustration on here, instead of feel bad about venting at my friends! (Is venting a word??? I mean ranting and moaning:))

So, I have been doing some deep thinking this evening…….!

Re starting:):):)

I started this blog last year, may I think (So May 2014), but I removed my old posts after rereading them, I’ve decided they are truly terrible! And definitely not worthy of being on my blog.

I really enjoy blogging, so I’m going to start it up again! I’m not going to blog too often or make a routine of it. Some days I’ll do one a day….. Some days (well, weeks) I’ll do one a week, or less frequently than that! Because I do a lot of other stuff, but I used to use it as a kind of diary (for diabetes of course) and it was nice taking a break from blogging, but I miss it now!

Not much has happened since I last blogged. A few weeks ago I had a reading of under 1.1 (SCARY!!) and the past 10 days or so I have had constantly low bloods.

Oh and I’ve started getting my chest/stomach pains back so I had a gastroscopy 2 months ago. But it came up as all okay, so the doctor thinks it’s psychological (Doctors always do that with stomach pains! Lazy I think!) I had them at age two until I was 9/10 when they diagnosed me with gastroparesis (I had a scan thingy, and had to eat radioactive porridge pretty much) and I was put on meds which made my pains disappear!! I was weened off them 2 years ago and now I’ve got the pains back-_-) the doctor hasn’t retested me or even acknowledged (I think) that I had gastroparesis and probably still have it as I’m pretty sure there isn’t a cure!

So I’m just dealing with it all. It’s annoying, but that’s life!!! Life isn’t fair. But then again life isn’t fair to anyone. So then that means it is fair…… That just totally contradicts itself…..

(I’m still going to tweet. Pretty please follow me!!! Jess_Burton3)